Please note there is a small chance you will come across NSFW content, This great button comes with great resposabity.

Anything May Happen

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The button above will take you somewhere that will educate, entertain you or even make you say "what the fuck"out loud. We also try to give you tools to make your life easier but I'd like tp say loud and clear we do not get payment to add sites to our database and plan to never get payment for that.

We do want all our uses to learn things and find things to make their life easier, but most of all have a good laugh and lots of fun.

I'd like to say thank you to the wonderful people of Reddit from who I got my links from. Seriously there is some amazing people on Reddit so please go check it out! :D


If you're coming at us from then please be honest and bring forward any more changes you feel are needed to make this place a more accessable and useable for all kinds of people.

Peek has convinced me to start changing/implementing the following things.

  • A more clear message and task for the site(done)
  • Less cluttered in it's HUD and menus so it's more clear you can scroll down.(done)
  • Remving and taking more thought into links being added to make sure we don't become a bore.(being done)
  • Adding a "Remove Link" request page so uses can ask for us to remove something if they feel it's not in line with our goals.
  • Making the lists for the links more visable so uses know they can take a look though them on their own without the random button.
  • Making the button more centered and important to the page.
  • Fixing the fonts so they're not as random and messy.
  • Change the LAMA DIER graphic to be something more suited to the site and also so it matches the overall fonts.
  • Getting the description fixed and proof-read by a third party.
  • Adding a new features and also recomendation section where uses can make comments and bring forward ideas for and about the site.

Anything May Happen

My contact details are as follows.
Email :